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Let us give you peace of mind and security. Built to keep your business running smoothly. Built for the long term.


Worried about having a robust solution in place to manage unforeseen events such as COVID or fires? Symbio’s IT-as-a-service includes Enterprise level Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services.


Our customers benefit from Symbio’s private-cloud hosting and systems administration. Whether a compliance-heavy industry or hosting for line of business applications, our Tier 3 datacenters and comprehensive DR solutions provide a robust array of options.


Slow and unresponsive systems can cause poor workflow performance and productivity issues. Symbio’s enterprise level solution solves this with continuous updates, ensuring for long-term performance capabilities.

What our customers are saying

“We built and now operate a remote workforce in the compliance-heavy insurance sector and selected Symbio to steward the IT process. From policy and controls to hardware and support we had help every step of the way. We breezed through our compliance audit due to the thorough professionalism of the Symbio team and they were able to do it all within our startup budget. ”

Sanjay Chitale, CEO and Co-Founder
Trust Plus Care

“When we transitioned to virtual desktops with Symbio in 2012, we could not have foreseen the incredible collaborative benefits we have realized as an organization. Our ability to work remotely and support users from coast to coast has been a key element in our success in providing local delivery to our geographically dispersed clients while drawing on a seamless national network of employees and specialty consultants. Symbio has enabled us to harness the power of scalable virtual desktops and a state-of-the-art managed data center—something we never could have achieved on our own as a small business.”

Gregory J. Hanna, P.E. - President
Toeroek Associates, Inc.

Here Is How We Can Help…


  • Physical network setup and management
  • ISP vendor management and auditing

Private-Cloud Hosting

  • Systems administration with 24/7 support
  • Replication and disaster recovery built in
  • Compliant Tier3 data centers with 99.9% uptime
Add Ons –

Next Level Awesome

Compliance Ready –


VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) –

  • Scalable and rapidly deployed virtual desktops
  • Maximum security and compliance
  • Licensing and management included

Here’s how we’re kicking ass and changing the world!

A ransomware cyberattack locked the ACBA out of all of their computers and servers. With our affordable enterprise-level solution for small and medium size organizations, we were able to deploy our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure into ACBA’s systems. The end result: no ransom was paid, there was minimal downtime, and no data or productivity was lost.

Impact –


In ransom was paid


Data or productivity was lost

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