Mills Uniform Company’s Reduced Workforce Required Immediate Shifts in IT Support


Reduced demand during COVID led to temporarily downsizing the workforce.


Symbio’s predictable & flexible IT Pay-as-you-Grow pricing model.


Immediate IT cost reduction in direct correlation to the size of the workforce.

Our partnership with the Mills Uniform Company started in 2018 when Mills sought out ways to reduce costs and improve internal IT support across physical office locations from Hawaii to New York. Soon our scope of services further expanded to involve redesign and management of the networks for each location to maximize resilience and further control costs. Since transitioning to the scalable IT backbone of Symbio, Mills has been able to adapt to unprecedented expansion and (brief) contraction during these unpredictable times.


A New Reality for Businesses Around the World

Every year, Mills outfits more than 50,000 students across the United States. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, staff, teachers and students turned to online learning. Schools big and small were impacted, and so was the demand for uniforms. Mills, along with the uniforms industry as a whole had no choice but to recalibrate their revenue forecasts and workforce numbers along with stay-at-home orders.


Symbio’s Pay-as-you-Grow pricing model allowed Mills to reduce their IT costs in direct correlation to the temporary reduction in their workforce without sacrificing service or support levels.


Mills Uniform Company was able to save tens of thousands of dollars in IT costs while navigating a crisis.

As schools are slowly reopening in the United States and Mills’ retail stores have reopened for online pickup, in-store service, and virtual fittings by appointment, they have been able to scale right back just as easily.

“During the 2020 pandemic, like many, we found ourselves having to rapidly react to changes in the market. Whether scaling up or down quickly; Symbio’s IT costs and services mirrored our business needs in real-time. Their values are apparent in how they do business; they were the only vendor that reached out to us at the start of the pandemic to ask if there was anything they could do to help.”

Sue Mills, CEO
Mills Uniform Company