Case Studies

Read more about how Symbio is delivering value to clients, ensuring that they’re prepared for all IT related challenges.

When COVID-19 hit, Mills Uniform Company was greatly affected. Their workforce had declined and they no longer could sustain a large-scale IT solution. Using Symbio’s predictable and flexible IT Pay-as-you-Grow model, Mills Uniform Company had immediate IT cost reduction in direct correlation to the size of their new workforce. They were able to save thousands of dollars in IT costs while navigating a crisis.

Impact –


In cost reductions during the Covid-19 pandemic

VMS’ former managed service provider got attacked by ransomware and all access was lost to their data and systems for over 21 days. With Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Symbio was able to deploy cloud desktops and email, and VMS was back online within a day and was fully protected against further attacks.

Impact –


Less than a day of downtime

A ransomware cyberattack locked the ACBA out of all of their computers and servers. With our affordable enterprise-level solution for small and medium size organizations, we were able to deploy our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure into ACBA’s systems. The end result: no ransom was paid, there was minimal downtime, and no data or productivity was lost.

Impact –


In ransom was paid


Data or productivity was lost

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